Your Captain

The CaptainCharlie Nelson's passion for fishing is only surpassed by his love of flying. He is a recently retired Lieutenant Colonel, 26 year veteran, with the Minnesota Air National Guard. Charlie was a qualified F-16 instructor pilot with over 3500 hours in fighter aircraft. He also deployed to Iraq three times during his career.

His love of fishing started when as a young boy his parents owned a lake resort. Although he started his career fishing for sunfish, bluegills, and large mouth bass, many of his parent's customers would ask the then eight year old where the “hot spots” were. They were never disappointed.

After his parents sold the resort and bought a cabin on Island Lake north of Duluth, Charlie began his quest for walleyes in earnest. He spent countless hours in a 14 foot aluminum boat and a six horse Evinrude exploring the shoreline for schools of walleyes.

Charlie's first experience with fishing the St. Louis River came in 1980. He and a friend from the University of Minnesota-Duluth ventured onto Spirit Lake for the Minnesota fishing opener. Since then he has gained extensive experience and knowledge. He has taken that experience and knowledge into tournament fishing as well as guiding.

Charlie is Coast Guard, first aid/CPR certified and fully insured. He is married with three grown daughters who still enjoy fishing outings with their dad.